Hassle-free hazardous waste removal with our safe specialist waste services

Hazardous waste and waste which is difficult to dispose of can be incredibly complicated. Let the experts handle it and rest easy knowing your waste will be disposed of safely.

Our waste experts will provide hassle-free hazardous waste removal

Let us work with you and your business to collect and dispose of hazardous waste. Our expertise will enable you to rise to the challenge of good waste management and reduce your business’ environmental impact. 

Site Solutions will ensure the responsible and safe disposal of all your hazardous waste streams. We’ll collect, recycle and dispose of your hazardous waste so you can relax. 

Our teams are located across the UK and trained in all aspects of waste removal from collection to disposal.

We’ll provide a fully tracked service, accurate timings and fast, responsible disposal. 

Site Solutions have been in the waste industry for  20+ years. So you can be sure that we’ll carry out safe removal and responsible disposal. And we’ll always recycle your waste where possible.

So relax and let our experienced specialist waste team handle and dispose of your hazardous waste. 

Difficult waste? Not for us. We’ll carefully & correctly dispose of it

Fortunately for our customers, we’re equipped to handle practically any waste type. 

In addition to taking care of specialist waste like asbestos removal and contaminated soil, we deal with difficult waste streams that can be harmful to human health or the environment.

Difficult waste is any waste which landfills or skip providers don’t accept, or is a term for waste which doesn’t fall into any other category. For instance, difficult waste includes fine powders, rotting food and any chemicals, including lab waste.

Logistics surrounding difficult waste can be tricky due to the additional checks required to prevent leaks. But with our 20+ years in the waste industry, you can trust us to secure and take care of it.

So get in touch for more information on our difficult and hazardous waste removal services or open a credit account with us today.

Our Business Credit Accounts make difficult waste disposal, easy

Whether you need regular or ongoing specialist waste services, consider opening a Business Credit Account with us. It’s the easiest way to manage your waste solutions seamlessly.

A credit account will save your business time, money and unnecessary hassle. We’ll provide support for multiple waste streams, including hazardous waste, across multiple sites. 

No stress, no hassle and with a dedicated account manager, no call centres. We’ll quickly solve your issue and streamline your waste solutions.

Enjoy efficient, safe hazardous waste disposal and stress-free waste management for all your waste types. Make difficult waste, easy with Site Solutions by your side. 

Request a credit account now.

We’ll safely get rid of your hazardous and difficult waste

Site Solutions is a local waste removal company with 20+ years experience, based in Worcestershire

But we can provide you with a specialist and hazardous waste team up and down the length of the UK. 

We know that hazardous waste removal can be complex and at times, complicated. Not to mention, fraught with heavy regulation.

And that’s where our highly experienced teams come in. Site Solutions will provide safe and where possible, sustainable disposal of hazardous waste. 

With Site Solutions providing support, you can minimise the chances of being held liable for unsafe or incorrect disposal.

Because we’re equipped to handle difficult and hazardous waste types, we’ll quickly figure out the right solution for your business. 

So let us handle your hazardous waste so that you can relax and focus on your business.

Why Hire Us?

  • We provide safe waste removal solutions
  • Local waste teams with a national reach
  • On average, 85% of our waste is recycled
  • We’ll help reduce your business’ environmental impact
  • 20+ years of waste excellence and expertise
  • Hassle-free waste management that takes care of logistics
  • We’re fully licenced to handle all hazardous waste 
  • Open a Business Credit Account for a stress-free, streamlined service
  • One dedicated account manager to keep it simple
  • Reliable and responsible waste management

We also provide a wide range of site services

In addition to taking care of asbesto removal, contaminated soil and hazardous waste, we provide a range of site services.

Our services include: storage and welfare units, portable toilets, crane-rated skips, plant hire, grab and tipper lorry hire, and temporary fencing solutions.

We look after all the logistics. And we’ll source and deliver the right local equipment to your site. Is your site elsewhere? Then we’ll deliver equipment or collect waste from wherever you need it, ensuring we meet all your construction site requirements.

Simply click the button below to view our services or create a credit account.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was very impressed with the service. Thought the process would be a bind, but it was super smooth and amazingly quick. Feels like a big step up in customer service – it took all the hassle away. In fact, I’ve now used Site Solutions twice more…consistently excellent in my experience. Just simple, quick and easy to deal with!
Miles H
So easy to deal with as we have our own dedicated account manager. They have made our lives much easier by handling everything we need for construction waste, and also getting better prices for us!
Sue D
Top marks for the service provided by Site Solutions. We have hugely reduced our waste disposal costs over a 12 month period not to mention how responsive they are to collect our commercial waste from our work. We leave our waste on-site and it is collected within 24 hours – sometimes within the same day including Saturdays.
Justin B
The difference is having a personal contact for our company
Robert C
Presume all is good with the various sites being serviced. As the Sourcing Specialist, I would get negative feedback if there is any. No news is Good News!
Chris K