Enjoy our speedy, local and hassle-free sofa collection and removal service

Get comfortable while we do all the heavy lifting and take the stress out of sofa removal.

For when you need fast & responsible
sofa collection and disposal

While your local council can collect unwanted sofas or large domestic items from outside your home or property, sometimes this can take weeks to organise.

Due to their bulky nature and various shapes, sizes and designs, sofas are much more difficult to get rid of than you might think. It can also be a hassle to hire and load up a van and drive to your local tip yourself. Especially when they are often busy.

That’s where we come in. Site Solutions will provide you with the right sofa removal service for your needs. With access to reliable removal experts up and down the country, we’ll ensure your sofa is collected and disposed of fast and responsibly.

sofa removal and large home item disposal

Fully-trained & local sofa removal experts

Whether you’ve just moved into a new property and your old corner sofa doesn’t fit, or you’re updating your living room with a new three-piece suite and need the previous one gone. Our reliable and expert local teams are ready to help.

We’ll collect and dispose of your sofa responsibly. We’ll find the right waste removal option for you so you can save your pennies, your time and the environment.

Simply contact us to book your sofa removal and we’ll organise the rest – so you can put your feet up and relax.

Why Hire Us?

Site Solutions is a small independent waste removal company that operates locally, nationwide. We know that often, you don’t have the equipment, or the desire to remove bulky items such as sofas. And driving to your local tip can be a hassle.

Let us take care of it for you. Our highly trained teams are ready to get rid of your unwanted sofa, regardless of its size or design; three piece suite, armchairs, corner sofas, small single or double seat settees and even recliners.

We’ll give you more time to get comfortable in your new sofa and relax.

  • Responsible removal of sofas & other large furniture items
  • Quicker than many local councils
  • Fast & Easy online ordering process
  • Experienced and expert team of professionals
  • Local service provided nationwide
  • We take care of logistics
  • Hassle-free experience and end-to-end service

Wondering what to do with your old sofa?

Read our blog for advice and tips on how to get rid of a sofa responsibly. Discover how we can recycle sofas as well as the range of removal options available.

Stress-free sofa collection & removal that’s quick and easy!

When it comes to bulky waste like sofa removal, we like to keep things simple. We handle all the logistics and complicated stuff for a hassle-free experience.

Site Solutions will ensure your sofa is disposed of in a way that saves both money and the environment. In fact, on average, a huge 85% of waste we remove is recycled.

So book your waste collection now and rely on us to take care of the rest. We’ll find the best price based on your needs and location, and organise your collection at a time that suits.

Sofa removal doesn’t have to be complicated.

Say goodbye to bulky items, unwanted furniture and other large household items

We can remove more than your sofa. We’re ready and equipped to deal with any type of domestic or household waste and we operate locally, nationwide.

Perhaps you’re refitting a bathroom and need the old suite loaded up and taken away? Or you could be looking to clear out your loft once and for all. So you need a skip to get rid of bulky, unwanted furniture and junk.

We can even handle waste electrical items and recycle electronic items with our specialised WEEE service.

Clear your life of clutter and your mind of stress, discover what we can do for you.

Find out what happens to your household waste or book your service online now.

sofa removal and household item collection and disposal - van with a sofa and household items being loaded for disposal

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was very impressed with the service. Thought the process would be a bind, but it was super smooth and amazingly quick. Feels like a big step up in customer service – it took all the hassle away. In fact, I’ve now used Site Solutions twice more…consistently excellent in my experience. Just simple, quick and easy to deal with!
Miles H
So easy to deal with as we have our own dedicated account manager. They have made our lives much easier by handling everything we need for construction waste, and also getting better prices for us!
Sue D
Top marks for the service provided by Site Solutions. We have hugely reduced our waste disposal costs over a 12 month period not to mention how responsive they are to collect our commercial waste from our work. We leave our waste on-site and it is collected within 24 hours – sometimes within the same day including Saturdays.
Justin B
The difference is having a personal contact for our company
Robert C
Presume all is good with the various sites being serviced. As the Sourcing Specialist, I would get negative feedback if there is any. No news is Good News!
Chris K