For the complete package, our total waste management service is the right option

We’ll handle all of your waste, all at the same time.

All your waste,, handled with care and efficiency

Many businesses generate several types of waste that can’t be easily sorted into one category. 

From hazardous waste to difficult waste, it can be a hassle to organise multiple waste disposal contractors. Or to find solutions that address a mixture of waste types.

That’s where our total waste management service comes in. 

Site Solutions specialises in offering expert services for total waste management. Our highly experienced teams are equipped to handle all kinds of waste. And we’ll devise safe and effective management solutions to work around your business.

For larger volumes of waste, or waste that needs to remain on-site for a period of time, we can offer a range of skips and lorries – including grab wagons, and roll on roll off skips. We’ll provide you with the containers to separate your waste, then store or transport it safely.

And if you’ve got waste that needs handling urgently, or a smaller waste load, our Man And Van service is the perfect option. In some circumstances, we can even dispatch a team out to you on the same day, so we can dispose of your waste before you even know it.

We’re the experts in Total Waste Management

If you’re a business that generates a regular stream of varied waste, look no further than Site Solutions. 

With a range of waste solutions which can be tailored to your needs, we’re the right choice for total waste management.

Our team of experts will come with the right equipment to handle all kinds of waste, including difficult waste, hazardous waste, glass, metal, and general waste. 

We’ll separate your waste and, where possible, recycle it sustainably. So you can be sure that your waste disposal is responsible.

We’re only ever a phone call away. Or why not book online and order your waste disposal solution?

Want to learn how we handle your waste?

Read our blog to gain insight into our other waste services and discover how we handle your waste.

A business credit account will help you keep everything in one place

Looking to conduct repeat business with us, or if you need our waste management services across multiple sites? Then consider a business credit account. 

It’s a great way to keep on top of all your waste disposal requirements.

With one dedicated account manager, you’ll have a single point of contact for whenever you need to get in touch with us. 

Whether it’s a problem you need to fix, or a query you need answered; your account manager will have all your solutions at their fingertips.

It’s the most efficient way to streamline your waste solutions. So if you want to make your waste management even easier, open a business credit account today.

Let us take care of your waste so you can take care of your business.

Why Hire Us?

Based in Worcestershire, Site Solutions is a small independent waste removal company with over 20 years of experience. 

Our goal is simple: to make your waste disposal as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

That’s why our total waste management service allows you to dispose of a wide range of waste simultaneously. 

We’ll handle your waste with care and recycle as much of it as possible; so you can rest assured that your waste is in the right hands.

With Site Solutions taking care of your waste, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on your business.

  • Local service all across the UK
  • Hassle-free and efficient waste disposal
  • An expert team with over 20 years of experience
  • Open a Business Credit Account to streamline your waste management
  • Receive access to a dedicated account manager
  • Total Waste Management available for all businesses
  • Bespoke waste solutions that suit you
  • We recycle up to 85% of our waste to ensure responsible disposal

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was very impressed with the service. Thought the process would be a bind, but it was super smooth and amazingly quick. Feels like a big step up in customer service – it took all the hassle away. In fact, I’ve now used Site Solutions twice more…consistently excellent in my experience. Just simple, quick and easy to deal with!
Miles H
So easy to deal with as we have our own dedicated account manager. They have made our lives much easier by handling everything we need for construction waste, and also getting better prices for us!
Sue D
Top marks for the service provided by Site Solutions. We have hugely reduced our waste disposal costs over a 12 month period not to mention how responsive they are to collect our commercial waste from our work. We leave our waste on-site and it is collected within 24 hours – sometimes within the same day including Saturdays.
Justin B
The difference is having a personal contact for our company
Robert C
Presume all is good with the various sites being serviced. As the Sourcing Specialist, I would get negative feedback if there is any. No news is Good News!
Chris K