National pallet collection & recycling services that keeps things simple

If your business has pallets stacking up that need recycling, our pallet collection & recycling service is for you.

All your excess pallets, collected andrecycled responsibly

If your business handles or generates pallets, disposing of them responsibly can often be a hassle. Fortunately, Site Solutions has the answer.

Wherever you are in the UK, we can collect any unwanted pallets taking up space in your depot, yard or warehouse.

No more towering piles of pallets taking up necessary space. And as a result, no more potential fire or health & safety risks to worry about. 

We’ll be your one-stop pallet collection partner, helping you take care of waste so you can take care of business.

As experts in responsible, informed business recycling, we’ll even arrange the reuse or repair of your pallets. And where that’s not possible, we’ll carefully recycle your excess pallets.

For urgent removal or for smaller volumes of unwanted pallets, you can book one of our Man And Van teams. In some cases, our team can provide you with a pallet collection on the same-day. 

We’ll repair, repurpose & recycle your unwanted pallets

Pallets are in wide use across many different industries owing to their versatile and long-lasting properties. But for many companies, disposing of them properly can be an annoyance because they build up so quickly and take up space.

But repairing, reusing and recycling where possible is an essential way to minimise your impact on the environment.

Site Solutions will collect your unwanted pallets. Any that can be will be reused  for the same purpose, after refurbishment and repair if necessary.

When it comes to pallets that are beyond repair; these can be turned into wood chips, and their reuse includes:

  • Processed firewood
  • BBQ pellets
  • Landscaping mulch
  • Pet bedding
  • Boiler wood
  • Wood stove pellets
  • Asphalt filling
  • Playground wood chip
  • And, lots more!

We’ll always do our best to divert pallets away from landfill. So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your business’ impact on the environment is at an absolute minimum.

For regular pallet collections at multiple depots, consider opening a business credit account.

Want to learn how we handle your waste?

Read our blog to gain insight into our other waste services and discover how we handle your waste.

A business credit account will simplify the process

Anticipating the need for our pallet collection services in the future? Or are you a business that generates pallets regularly across multiple depots or sites? 

Then we recommend opening a Site Solutions business credit account with us. 

Our business credit accounts give you access to all our waste management solutions. Your dedicated account manager will only ever be a phone call away if you have concerns, last minute changes or questions. 

All your projects, in one place. If you value simplicity, open a business credit account now.

Why Hire Us?

Site Solutions is an independent, waste disposal company operating locally with a nationwide reach. We want to make business recycling as easy as possible for our clients.

Our team is highly experienced and we can handle any type or waste or recyclable material. Of course, you can trust us to recycle or reuse your pallets responsibly and safely. 

Hand over the reins on your business waste recycling needs to us. And free up time for other business priorities.

  • Local experts with national reach
  • We’ll work closely with you to fit your solution around your business
  • We aim for zero waste for a more sustainable future
  • All your unwanted pallets, taken care of
  • We even handle the logistics
  • Our pallet collection services cover the entire UK
  • We’ll have all necessary PPE, credentials and insurance
  • Open a Business Credit Account for a streamlined service
  • Benefit from 20+ years of waste industry knowledge and expertise

What Our Customers Say About Us

I was very impressed with the service. Thought the process would be a bind, but it was super smooth and amazingly quick. Feels like a big step up in customer service – it took all the hassle away. In fact, I’ve now used Site Solutions twice more…consistently excellent in my experience. Just simple, quick and easy to deal with!
Miles H
So easy to deal with as we have our own dedicated account manager. They have made our lives much easier by handling everything we need for construction waste, and also getting better prices for us!
Sue D
Top marks for the service provided by Site Solutions. We have hugely reduced our waste disposal costs over a 12 month period not to mention how responsive they are to collect our commercial waste from our work. We leave our waste on-site and it is collected within 24 hours – sometimes within the same day including Saturdays.
Justin B
The difference is having a personal contact for our company
Robert C
Presume all is good with the various sites being serviced. As the Sourcing Specialist, I would get negative feedback if there is any. No news is Good News!
Chris K