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Rubbish Fact 3: You get what you pay for!

Here’s a cautionary tale about flytipped waste.

Recently, a customer of ours told us that they could get the skip we usually deliver for them at a ridiculously cheap rate elsewhere.

Apparently, the other company didn’t mind what the mix of waste in the skip was. For instance, plasterboard mixed in with general waste. Of course, there was no way we could compete with such a low price. So, needless to say, they went with the other company.

Naturally, their low price skip hire rate was incredibly suspicious.

Whenever we are offered a really cheap rate from a waste sub-contractor, we query it. Waste costs money to handle, sort and dispose of in an environmentally responsible and compliant way.

Therefore, if someone is offering a really cheap deal on waste, you need to ask what is happening to that waste. If it is not being disposed of in a compliant manner then it could easily result in big fines for you as the waste producer. Whether or not you knew about it.

What’s so bad about fly tipped waste?

Fly tipping is illegal under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the maximum fine for fly tipped waste is £50,000 and/or up to five years in prison.

Thinking of giving your waste to a contractor who offers to get rid of it cheaply? Then it could end up proving more costly for you. And can result in not just a fine, but a criminal record.

Remember – if it’s your waste, it’s your responsibility.

Because if your waste is found dumped or fly tipped waste is linked back to you, even if someone else has done it, you could be held responsible for the crime.

We do the work so you don’t have to worry about flytipped waste

Fortunately, Site Solutions is here to remove that stress. We are properly registered with the Environment Agency and have adequate insurance.

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