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To Infinity and Beyond!

Ever heard the saying ‘when you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance’?

In contrast, imagine you spend your money with a larger company. Perhaps a corporation that operates with call centres and dozens of departments to manage your purchase or service.

Now imagine your journey as a customer; calling to place an order or find out an update. You are passed around different departments, repeating your situation to a new person each time…

A happy dance is far from reality when the owners of the business are sat comfortably at the top, blissfully unaware of you as the customer.

Waste management is a complex business, it isn’t generally a uniformed service and requires an individual approach per job. Our customers range from a small one-man band operations to medium sized corporations. As such, we are familiar with the variety of requirements our customers need.

Therefore, customer service is key in our game! Site Solutions main USP is that we are a small, independent, waste broker.

One-on-one service

We believe that dealing with one person is the only way to eliminate errors. Customers have a dedicated account manager who will do just that – manage your account. Waste and plant hire are managed from start to finish, via an account manager. So any issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently.


When a service is needed you want to deal with the experts; people you can trust to do the job you need, without any fuss! One thing you can guarantee is a small business knows their stuff! And Site Solutions knows the waste management industry thoroughly.

We understand the best tools for the job. Whether that be an enclosed skip to manage the correct care of hazardous waste, or grab lorry hire to collect large bulky waste, we know what is needed and will arrange its delivery and collection.

Having the expertise also enables Site Solutions to build close working relationships with each customer. Happy customer = repeat business.


We pride ourselves on being able to react swiftly. If a job requires a last-minute skip hire service, we can arrange it. If a sub-contractor is having difficulty getting to site, we can source another. Site Solutions care about getting the right thing, to the right place at the right time, and so every effort is made to ensure this happens.

One to one service, flexibility and going above and beyond expectations for all our customers. The benefits of working with a small business are numerous, and Site Solutions prides itself on fulfilling all its customers’ requirements.

Why not take a look at what people say about us on Trustpilot? Alternatively, get in touch with one of our team and put our customer service skills to the test!