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May the 4th be with you…

Something a little different this week, whilst staying with the theme of waste management, we acknowledge an important date last week in any Star Wars fan’s calendar and delve into the famous rubbish shoot scene in the first ever film released – Episode 4, A New Hope.

Cast your mind back and imagine that in an attempt to rescue the princess, Luke, Han and Chewee end up in a shootout with some Storm Troopers. Leia, taking control of the situation, fashions an escape through a garbage shoot filled with space sewage. Unfortunately, the rubbish compressor turns on and the walls start caving in. Seconds from death, Luke manages to get through to his trusty droids, who come to the rescue.

Interesting facts

A brilliant and dramatic scene for its time, but…did you know that putting the sequence together was a serious headache for production designers? The set had to look realistic, but also safe for the actors. Massive amounts of rubber and polystyrene had to be sourced and prepared to look like space junk. Dressing the scene, and acting it also proved to be wet and uncomfortable. The entire set was partly submerged with water, which meant the actors had to wear wetsuits underneath their costumes to prevent hyperthermia! It is also reported the set was rather smelly with Chewee’s furry costume suffering with a stagnant odour which followed him for the remainder of the film. To find out more inside secrets visit: https://uk.movies.yahoo.com/star-wars-trash-compactor-scene-secrets-118108743492.html

Behind the scenes

This is a great example of all the things that most don’t realise go on behind the scenes, but a reminder that there is always a story to tell. Our team manages the process from start to finish so you don’t need to worry about any behind the scenes niggles.