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Tidy home, tidy mind!

As part of our ‘Spring Clean’ campaign, last week we looked at how keeping a tidy construction site benefits team productivity and overall health and safety. This week we look at the many benefits of keeping our environment at home tidy and how we have just the solutions and services to take care of that for you.

The old saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ is a well-known phrase with a deeper meaning. Love it or hate it, research suggests having an organised and clean home plays an important role in mental health and general wellbeing.

Out of sight, out of mind

A busy work and home life means clutter soon mounts up, particularly in garages and sheds. It’s very easy to hold onto sentimental or things for a rainy day, but, left neglected, this can quickly get out of hand. Identify the areas in your home where clutter accumulates and concentrate on these areas first.

Changing your habits is key in getting organised:

  • Ask yourself what you need and what you don’t need?
  • Where are the typical areas in your home where clutter gathers?
  • Can you create organised areas to declutter?
  • What needs to be organised and what can be chucked?

Regular ‘maintenance checks’

Garages and spare rooms are often dumping grounds because, frankly, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. We recommend spending a day a month to keep on top of ‘out of sight’ clutter and waste. Assess the mess and make a plan! What can be organised and what needs to be chucked.

The team at Site Solutions often have orders from homeowners needing a little extra help, with several services available depending on the circumstance.

Garage clearance – When waste has mounted up too much, let our team take the stress (and the rubbish) away for you.

Man with a van – For large item disposal or multiple large items, we can send out a man with a van to remove and dispose for you.

Skip hire – For large quantities of rubbish that means one too many tip runs, a skip is the perfect solution. Delivery to your home where you can organise waste at your leisure, and we will collect when filled.

All our services are available to ORDER TODAY ONLINE, where you can input your postcode and receive the best prices in your location. Whichever service you require, you can rest assured our knowledgeable and friendly team will deliver and dispose correctly.

Not sure what you need? Call Mea or Caroline in the office during opening hours and they will be happy to point you in the right direction – 01684 353556.