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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Ten Tips on what to do with waste around your home.

An unwanted gift, an old box of toys, old clothes or just nick nacks that are gathering dust at the back of a cupboard? we all have these hidden away, but when it comes to a spring clean where does all this end up?

Protecting the planet is an all-important factor in our everyday life and, as a small waste management business, it is our responsibility to practise sustainability in all our services. This week we are looking at how our customers can reduce, recycle, reuse and repurpose waste around the home to limit the amount sent to landfill.

Feeling inspired? here are our Ten Tips on what to do with waste around your home:

  1. Take a closer look at your food packaging choices, reduce plastic packaging where possible using more eco-friendly materials. Limit the use of plastic bottles by using refills.
  2. Buy in bulk where you can. For those food and household purchases where plastic can’t be swapped, consider buying in larger quantities to reduce on packaging.
  3. Grow your own! Plant your own fruit and vegetables to eliminate unnecessary packaging.
  4. Unwanted or old furniture ready for the tip? – think about repurposing old cabinets or bookcases with a few DIY skills. Create some storage solutions for the garage or upcycle a bookcase to give it a new look.
  5. Charity shop any unwanted clothes, toys or anything that could find another home.
  6. Did you know old cd’s make great homemade scarecrows to deter birds from nesting in the garden? – think about repurposing your obsolete back catalogue!
  7. For your old mobile phones, consider reselling or contact the manufacturer to organise recycling.  
  8. One man’s trash….old wellies or a rusty old wheelbarrow taking up space in the shed? Be creative and use them as plant pots – makes for an interesting garden feature!
  9. For broken televisions or other large electricals, research the manufacturer or other companies that offer a recycling scheme – some will also provide an incentive to return.
  10. Compost it! Up to 25% of waste around your home can be used as compost: egg shells, old fruit and vegetables, grass and leaves are amongst the list of items that can be tossed into a compost heap.

Have any questions about what to do with your waste? Our team will be happy to guide you; give us a call – 01684 353556.

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