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Rubbish Fact 4: National Beer Day

Next in our ‘Rubbish Facts’ series, we pay tribute to National Beer Day and glass bottle recycling!

This year National Beer Day was acknowledged on Sunday 7th April. Naturally, we enjoyed a cold one in this milder Spring weather! But did you know 5 out of 6 glass bottles are thrown away!?

The shocking truth about why you should be glass bottle recycling

In the UK alone, over 200 tonnes of glass bottles a year end up in landfill.

A surprising and concerning truth, when just one recycled glass bottle saves enough energy to power a laptop for up to 30 minutes!

Not to mention, the amount of recyclable glass generated in a year provides the energy to launch 10 space shuttle missions!

Alert – boring, but interesting glass bottle recycling bit up next…

A paper published last year, ‘Circular Economy’ details;

“Circular economy practices offer the potential to capture the lost value from recycling of glass, creating opportunities for the reuse of materials and saving of raw materials, energy and carbon emissions.”

The objective is to create a never-ending chain in the use of glass and other recycled materials, from its original intended form to secondary materials.

Many industries adopt this concept, particularly in the construction industry. Glass can be used as sand, gravel, concrete and insulation and much more.

However, the attitude to recycling and waste management must be changed nationwide. Glass is among the most useful materials for recycling, owing to its sustainability and versatility.

Practice what you preach

At Site Solutions, we really do care about managing waste and recycling correctly. We’re professionally trained to manage all sorts of waste in the appropriate manner.

A recent job required a glass skip to dispose of several tonnes of Georgian wired glass. An everyday skip would have meant all this glass would have gone to landfill, at landfill rates.

However, we were able to source a recycler who would accept and recycle both wire and glass.

So, next time you’re sitting in the sunshine, taking a swig from an ice cold beer; take a moment to consider whether your bottle will be used for your new kitchen worktops or the Astro turf at the sports centre where your child plays football…or you could just finish your beer and pop it in the recycling bin!

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