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Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

In honour of the Summer Solstice and the longest day last week, we wanted to share our ideas on getting your garden sunshine ready! The long winter months are long behind us, and now the spring cleaning is done, it’s time to crack on with the garden and to enjoy leisurely afternoons soaking up the sun.

We are the experts in waste, and we know first- hand how overwhelming jobs can become when spaces become cluttered, or trees and bushes are overgrown. The best approach is always to organise first.

  • Sort out the waste from what needs putting back in place and simply pile up what needs to be chucked to gauge how much rubbish there is.
  • Mow the lawn – nothing beats a freshly cut lawn and it instantly makes the garden look tidier.
  • Plan which bushes and trees need a trim – it is recommended that cutting trees and bushes should be avoided between bird nesting season, March – August. If you are certain a tree doesn’t have a nest or it is during the last part Summer then cut and trim away!
  • Check your fence panels – how have the faired over the winter? Do any need replacing? Fence panels are a great material to recycle or repurpose for use around the house or garden.
  • Check and clear out any old garden toys – weathered toys create clutter, make way for new editions and get rid of the old ones.

The next stage is the easy bit – decide what to do with the rubbish! Depending on the volume will depend on the best option. Trips to the tip are a free option, but not necessarily the quickest. Some waste might fit into the green bin, but collections are fortnightly in most areas. Where there are large amounts of waste, a skip is the most cost and time effective option.

What can go into a garden skip?

It might surprise you that practically any type of garden waste can go into a skip:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Pot plants
  • Leaves
  • Shrubbery
  • Soil or rubble
  • Patio materials
  • Concrete slabs

The team at Site Solutions pride ourselves on a quick and easy personal service, we will guide you through the skip that’s right for you or if you prefer, order online and we’ll do all the work in the background! Not sure what skip you need? Read our handy skip guide.

Happy Gardening!