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Do I need a skip?

Is your garage or spare room stacking up with rubbish? Perhaps you’re spring cleaning and decluttering along the way, or cutting down overgrown trees or shrubs in the garden? If you don’t fancy endless trips back and forth to the tip maybe hiring a skip is the answer!

We are a small team of waste experts who can guide you with exactly what you need, we will also arrange the delivery and collection at the end of your hire. If you prefer, you can now order online on our website. Type in your postcode and select your waste type and you will see the best prices in your area.

Still deciding if a skip is what you need? Take a read of our FAQ’s:

Q. What types of skips are available?

A.  A full range of skips are available; from 6yd skips up to 40yd. We have skips and solutions for any waste types. We have a helpful guide to choosing the right skip available to read.

Q. How much is a skip?

A. It depends on size, type and location; we work with accredited sub-contractors nationwide, we will get you the best possible price with your requirements. To find a quick price in your area, fill in your skip requirements and location here.

Q. How long can I have a skip for?

A. Duration depends on your location and the sub-contractor used for your skip. The team will advise and arrange all that on your behalf. Skip hire is usually around 14 days.

Q. Can I mix the waste?

A. Generally, the more you can separate out waste types the better. When ordering a skip with Site Solutions we will enquire as to the waste type in order to hire out the most appropriate skip.

Q Is the waste recycled?

A. As a responsible waste management team we always ensure as much waste as possible is recycled.

Q. How much can I put in the skip?

A. Skips should only be filled up to a ‘fill line’. Some skips might have these at the top of the skip, others may be two thirds from the top if filled with materials such as soil.

Q. What is regarded as hazardous waste?

A. See a general list below of the types of hazardous or controlled wastes that need to be separated from main waste:

Corrosive liquidPaint
Medical wasteWaste oils
Gas canistersFridges and Televisions

Q. What access do I need to provide?

A. Normally a driveway is fine for a skip to be delivered, if your home has limited access, contact Mea or Caroline to arrange and provide you with the dimensions required for the skip.

Q. Do you need to have a licence to have a skip?

A. Site Solutions only work with accredited and insured sub-contractors nationwide. As well as this Site Solutions are fully licenced by the Environment Agency and hold all appropriate insurances. If a skip is going to be located on a public highway it will also need a licence.

Q. How do I stop fly tipping in a skip?

A. If you are concerned about fly tipping, we can recommend a secure enclosed skip to stop unauthorised entry or a wait and load or man in a van service.

Q. What skip size do I need?

A. We have a handy ‘Quick guide to choosing the right skip’ available: or give Mea or Caroline a call for some advice.

The team are available to answer any of your questions and to discuss requirements: 01684 353556.