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All you need to know about hiring a skip..

Need a skip? Hire a skip, skip is delivered, filled and collected, the end. A straightforward happy transaction which sadly doesn’t always happen.

There are different scenarios and obstacles which can, and do, get in the way! Some skip companies may not be able to quote prices over the phone, give an estimated time of arrival or collection, or be able to take card payments over the phone. Small issues which can be a hassle to work around.

Read some FAQ’s on some common mishaps so you can be fully prepared when hiring a skip for your home:

How do I know where to hire my skip from?

It is easy to type ‘skip hire’ into google and choose from the top 3 but without a referral or a good review rating, it is a risk to go with a company you know nothing about. It’s not just a bad service you’re risking, it’s where your waste will end up! Hiring cowboys can result in your waste being flytipped – Did you know flytipped waste costs local councils over £2.5 million a year?

Good feedback is gold when looking for a suitable business, Site Solutions Ltd (FM) are a waste management broker, which means we work with only accredited contractors around the UK who hold the correct licences and, more importantly, have outstanding customer reviews.

When will my skip arrive and be collected?

Accurate times are impossible to get from a skip hire company, for the simple reason of what is involved in dropping off and collecting skips. Carrying a skip is heavy cargo, and then maneuvering into position can take planning and time.

Some businesses can specify an AM or PM booking if required but most will put your order into a daily schedule plan and drop off when suitable.

How much can I put into a skip?

It is the law to only fill a skip to the fill line. On collection, the driver is obliged to refuse to take a skip if rubbish goes above the line. If in doubt about the size of a skip to choose always go bigger! For help and advice on what skip to choose, read our handy guide.

Why do different business have different pricing?

If something is too good to be true, then it usually always is! Same goes for skip hire, if it’s cheap then don’t expect a good experience, or worse, expect your waste to probably end up being flytipped.

Another reason why prices may differ is because of the different levels of service you get and variations in skip permit costs as these can be different depending on location. The difference can be as much as £50 plus and a fortnight wait for a permit, or some councils offer a free permit with same day notice.

What happens to my rubbish once collected?

While we can not tell you exactly where your rubbish is going, unless of course, you use Site Solutions Ltd (FM), the bottom line is if you getting a skip for a ‘too good to be true’ price then you can guarantee it will not be disposed of correctly. If using a reputable business then anything that can be recycled will be.

We are a small, friendly and knowledgeable team here, we work in both the commercial and domestic market providing skip hire and site services nationwide. If you need a skip our team is on hand to advise on the most suitable and we will find you the best price in your area.

Already know what you need? You can order online here!

Ordering with Site Solutions Ltd will guarantee a straightforward ending: order a skip – skip delivered – filled and collected – the end!