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Construction: Today & Tomorrow

How much do you know about the construction industry or the future of construction waste?

As a waste removal company, we work with site managers regularly. We organise their waste and welfare needs.

Site Solutions provide all areas of site services, the most common on a site manager’s ‘shopping list’ that we arrange and deliver are:

  • Skip hire
  • Grab and tipper lorry hire
  • Portable toilets
  • Welfare units
  • Site containers

With this in mind, we are going back in time to review the tools, practices and machinery used over the years to see how the construction industry has developed across the decades.

The construction industry in the swinging sixties

Well known and documented as a time of love and peace, the sixties were also renowned for a period of growth and development in the construction industry. Heavy duty equipment and lorries were introduced to remove waste off sites and highways. Existing heavy duty construction equipment also increased in size and became able to carry hundreds of tonnes.

Construction waste in the 70’s & 80’s

During the next few decades more focus was given on the impact machinery had on the environment. As well as enhancing safety measures including reducing noise levels, emissions and making the operation of equipment easier for the user. The 80’s sparked the beginning of a new era in the future of construction waste to come. Making all equipment used on site safer, more durable and more efficient.

Construction waste in the 90’s & 2000’s

Environmental Laws became prominent during this decade. Naturally, having a significant impact on the construction industry. New laws forced manufacturers to adapt their practices and create cleaner, safer and more efficient machinery.

Today & tomorrow: the future of construction waste industry

Today, construction companies hire equipment as and when needed rather than purchasing. Which makes better business sense when working in numerous locations. Plus, saves having to transport a wide range of heavy-duty machinery. Not to mention making it easier for projects requiring a wide range of equipment.

The revolutionary introduction of automated machinery, is a significant technological step for the future of the construction industry. This includes features such as sensors and solar power. All of which requires limited human effort.

The construction industry has come a long way over the years. And at Site Solutions, we continue to be ahead of the game with the newest innovations in waste handling. Of course, this is our job as a waste management company!

Our bread and butter continues to be nationwide skip hire and site services. And when the day comes that robots can deliver your skips across the country… Well, we will embrace it and find the best robots available for our customers!