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Case Study – Contaminated Soil

The Problem

In November last year, Site Solutions were asked by one of our customers to support them with waste management following a fuel tank spill onsite in Droitwich. The tank had been tampered with and a large amount of fuel stolen with damaging consequences to soil and woodland surrounding site.

Fuel from the tank leaked on to the bank and into a nearby brook, saturating the environment around it. Concerned locals contacted the Environment Agency to report and remedial measures were put in place immediately.

The Solution

Site Solutions were contacted by our customer to undertake the waste and contamination phase of the cleanup operation. This was a large scale project with careful management required.

Before the clear up could start, an access route was created for the grab lorries to get onto site and start the removal process. We arranged for hardcore to be delivered and placed to provide regular and easy access, and a turnaround area for vehicles. A bunded area was also constructed to prevent further contamination.

Extraction & Backfill

Grab lorries were arranged and sent to site to collect the contaminated soil up to the bunded area; this included the extraction of affected trees which needed to be dug up by machinery, with excess soil removed from roots for treatment. All trees exposed to contamination were sent for chipping.

In total, 1341 tonnes of soil were removed from the site, via 98 separate grab lorry loads and transported to a local treatment centre to be recycled.

Once contaminated soil had been excvated and taken off site, the resulting void was backfilled with soil sourced from a local farm.

After investigating a number of routes to ensure this process was compliant, it was finally decided to use the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste: Code of Practice (DoWCop) initiative which provides a clear, consistent and efficient process enabling the reuse of excavated materials on-site or their movement between sites. The material was tested beforehand to ensure it was suitable to be used.

Site Solutions Ltd organized a number of contractors during Phase 1 of the project including; haulage, contaminated soil treatment, backfill soil etc. All contractors sourced were small to medium sized businesses based in and around Worcestershire. Although we offer a nationwide waste management service, we use local contractors where possible to keep overheads low, keep business local and to reduce carbon footprint. Phase 2 of the project has been signed off for a further removal and replacement of 600 tonnes of contaminated soil.

Our Services

  • Organising a treatment plant & arranging soil analysis
  • Organising haulage
  • Organising recycling plants
  • Organising backfill soil replacement and ensuring the right quality
  • Produced daily invoices and tickets for every load to enable the customer to keep track